Node js Course in udaipur

Node JS has become the most important programming language on the internet. Without JavaScript, sites like Gmail, Twitter and Facebook wouldn’t exist. Many popular libraries such as Angular, Prototype and other frameworks are also without exception based on JavaScript. It is therefore strongly recommended (read: indispensable) that you master the basics of Node JS if you want to get started with these extensions. UiDM offers Node js Course in udaipur.

This course focuses on learning basic skills in Node JS, such as using variables, loops, and functions, and applying them in a web page. The main scope of JavaScript is the browser. You, therefore, test the scripts directly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer. You will also learn what the Document Object Model (DOM) is and why it is important when working with Node JS.


After following this training you can independently create dynamic HTML web pages. You learn this by using various programming structures, functions, objects, the Document Object Model and events.


This training is for IT professionals who build web pages and want to make them dynamic and interactive.


The following prior knowledge is required:

Building web pages with HTML5 or similar knowledge.

Good reading skills in English.

The following insider information is considered to be an advantage:

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3) or comparable knowledge.