black hat

black hat technique

Black hat technique is used to get a site at higher ranking on search engines. It is a sort of technique to play with the search engines to rank higher. Black Hat SEO is SEO (search optimization) that goes against search engine guidelines. Google provides a handy overview: Guidelines for webmasters. Via black hat SEO, webmasters, or SEO experts try out techniques to make a website appear higher in the search results. The way they do this is not always ethical. Does it go against the general guidelines and quality regulations? Then we call that SEO ‘Black Hat’.

In this article, we look at the most important practices that are banned and how you can protect yourself against them. We call the counterpart of Black Hat SEO ‘White Hat SEO’. The middle way is called ‘Gray Hat SEO’. Thanks to a general knowledge of these concepts, you know which SEO services are interesting to respond to and which ones you should ignore. It involves keyword stuffing, cloaking, sneaky redirects, poor quality contents, blog commenting spam etc.


Why Black Hat SEO

We know that Google has rules and that you can be punished for manipulating the algorithm. But what exactly is blackhat SEO? To give you an idea of this, I have listed a few techniques below that fall under blackhat SEO. Note: Since it is a constantly changing algorithm, blackhat techniques are also evolving and this list will never remain complete. 


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